Semester 1 Reflection

  1. What are your strengths in this class? What have you done well? What kind of material, reading and/or writing, do you feel most confident completing? What do you plan to do to sustain these strengths? I have done well with the more creative writing assignments and feel more comfortable with them. An example of this would be the satire, which had a structure to follow but it was a loose guideline and there was the opportunity to be creative, and humorous and have my voice come through. I think I did a good job on the semester project as well, in terms of being independent and researching and analyzing the information. I think to sustain these strengths I need to keep myself in check and make sure that I do not blow off the more creative assignments just because I know I do well with them. Also, I have surprised myself with the multiple choice passages we have worked with, every time I do better than I thought I did and I would consider those to be one of my strengths too.
  2. What are your weaknesses in this class, either academic or behaviorally, or both? What are your biggest challenges in this class? Contrary to my strength, my weakness in this class academically is following a strict structure in writing, such as the model Twain paragraph. Its harder for me to follow a strict pattern, and I find it challenging for my voice to come through in the writing. Going up and talking in front of the class, finding a group for assignments, answering questions in class, and not joining group discussions is something I struggle with. While some people would say that a behavior problem of theirs is talking to much, my problem would be not talking enough. Also, I struggle with pre-20th century pieces, and it is harder for me to understand.
  3. How do you plan to adjust your approach to this class to become more successful and to improve on your weaknesses? I plan on working more on the strict and structural writing we do so I can become better at those types of writing. I think if I pay attention to the fact I struggle in that area, I will be able to do better and improve. I will also talk more in class and be a better participant in class discussions. I think to understand the pre-20th century pieces, I will work on strengthening my vocabulary and possibly read a pre-20th century writing for the semester project.

Semester 2 Project; I have no idea what to start with for the semester two project. I think this weekend or sometime soon, I will look up books online or go to a bookstore or library and find something that interests me and go from there. Similarly to the semester one project, I would like to find a topic that is controversial and ignored, even though it is important.


One thought on “Semester 1 Reflection

  1. I think you’re right about paying attention to structure underlying writing. Looking over some of the blue handouts before we write in class or when you are writing outside of class will certainly help. Once you’ve got the innate structure internalized then you can start to move away from it and become more sophisticated. Let me know what your interests are; I can probably make some suggestions for books and films. Some of Michael Lewis’s other work not involving Wall Street might be a place to start. I think the subject of poverty is something that gets ignored most of the time and should get more attention. There are documentaries where people have willingly lived on the streets to experience what it’s like to have to struggle. There’s also the Will Smith movie Pursuit of Happyness, which I’m certain was a book before it was a Hollywood movie. Environment is also a good one. It’s controversial and the temperature is warming enough to now start affecting living conditions and economy world wide.



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