Chapter Six, pages 151-192

  • Chapter Six, appropriately titled,”How To Take Billions From Wall Street”, focuses on IEX(a dark pool) and the introduction of a new character, Don Bollerman, and Puzzle Masters, who decoded different order types as subsequently led to a greater understanding of HFT, dark pools, and the “hidden passages and trapdoors” that existed.
  • “Out there, where the twin symbols of American capitalism once loomed, reduced in a few hours to a blizzard of office memos and a ruin. Out there, where idealism was either a ruse or a species of stupidity, and where the people who basle needed them to succeed hadn’t the faintest idea of their existence”
  • I think one thing is interesting is the meeting that was explained, where the group was split between people who wanted to pick a fight with the biggest wall street banks and the people who thought it was insane to pick that fight. I am curious to see what will eventually happen in terms of that, will they pick the fight or not. I predict that they will pick that fight because up until this point, they have done all they can to stop the corruption and even the playing field in the market, and I can’t imagine them stopping now. Also, another thing I find interesting is the recurring theme of how important the instances in the book are, however, the world outside of Wall Street; and part of Wall Street, is unaware of what is happening. The purpose of the entire book is to draw the picture of the new stock market. I wonder how things would’ve played off differently if the outside world was aware of what was happening, and I can only begin to imagine the political implications. I think this chapter was especially important because it reiterated the fact of how naive the outside world is, and I would be interested to learn how naive the outside world is still. I know the majority of my peers couldn’t care less about Wall Street and the stock market and I find that interesting because the innocence of the outside world is one of the major themes in this book.

One thought on “Chapter Six, pages 151-192

  1. You get around to one of Michael Lewis’s major themes and that is the type of character who is an outsider on Wall Street, but still knows how to take advantage of the system. He definitely bases his story in The Big Short on these types, who were able to see how bad derivatives and mortgage bundles were and they then ensured their failure and made billions by taking advantage of the larger banks. Also, Nassim Taleb might be a good person to check out. He actually places small bets on failure. So, he is investing in the next big crash and when it happens, he will be fabulously rich by taking advantage of the flaws of the system.



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