Quarter One Reflection

  1. What have you learned about reading? What have you learned about writing analysis & argument?  How has your approach to reading & writing changed overall? I have learned to be more critical about the structure of what is written, as well as use that structure to base the structure of my response on. Also, I’ve learned a lot about writing thesis statements and how to structure my writing.
  2. What questions do you still have? I want to know how I can improve and how my essays look compared to the higher scoring essays from the AP exam. I am still pretty confused about some of the vocabulary that is used in the essays and the vocabulary used to describe the writing.
  3. With what types of reading & writing would you like more practice? Analyzing the rhetoric choices made by authors and coming up with an entire essay off of one word being used instead of another is still crazy to me, and I’d like to understand and improve my analytical writing more.
  4. Based on 1-3, what are 2-3 goals you have to make improvement moving forward? I want to score more in the 7-8 range, instead of the 6-7 range I am in now. I need to work on word choice also.


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